Steam Summer Getaway Sale Day 11

Posted: July 21, 2013 by deathbylagcomic in News

It is the final day of the Steam Summer Getaway Sale and Valve is putting up all of the most popular deals from the previous week.


Kerbal Space Program  $13.79

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition  $35.99

Chivalry Medieval Warfare  $6.24

Borderlands 2  $10.19

Tome Raider  $12.49

Bioshock Infinite  $29.99

Civilization V $7.49

Dishonored  $10.19

Torchlight II  $4.99

The Walking Dead  $6.24


Flash Deals good until 6pm PST

Grand Theft Auto IV  $4.99

The Cave  $5.09

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition  $4.99

Dead Island Riptide  $19.99


Community’s Choice Good until 6pm PST

Dragon’s Lair  $4.99


Voting for the next discount is on again as well.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit  $6.00

Farcry 3  Blood Dragon  $9.00

Alan Wake  $7.50


I hope everyone bought some great games.


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