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Hey guys!!! It’s Steve with Death by Lag. This week in Alien: Isolation I get the Sandra Bullock experience from Gravity when I get shot into space. Good news is the Xenomorph is gone… or is it???  Check it out below.


Hey guys!!! This week Erik and I show you how to hunt down a Griffin in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Here are some tips; Steal all the things, don’t listen to anything anyone says, and …. oh yeah make sure you use your shield. Enjoy

2 1/2 Stars – Jack Frost – Erik, Kelly, Jason, Rick and Steve talk about Jack Frost (Horror Movie) this week in our Winter in summertime special.  Download it over at Podomatic or on iTunes

Hey guys welcome back to 2 ½ Stars A podcast about movies on netflix. I’m Steve, and I’m joined by Erik, Kelly, Jason, Ricky

This week we watched: Jack Frost (1997) Rated R
Directed by: Michael Cooney
Written by:  Jeremy Paige, Michael Cooney
Starring: Scott MacDonald (Frost), Christopher Allport, (Sheriff Sam), Stephen Mendel (Manners)
IMDB Synopsis: A serial killer dies, comes back as a snowman, and wrecks havoc.

What did you think
Jack Frost.  The story of a serial killer that was transformed into an evil snowman out for revenge on the sheriff that put him behind bars.  I’m not sure what I can say about this movie.  As I watched this movie all I could think was wow these people are really dumb.  You have bumbling store owner running from Jack and continually looking behind him, stupid FBI agent shooting a puddle of water after proving that he can’t be hurt by conventional weapons and the world’s worst sheriff with the shittiest nerves ever.  If he was so shaky he would have shot Jack when he first caught him and Jack raised his hands really fast.  The writing was pretty abysmal,  along with the acting, though I did like all the puns.  For a shitty B Movie horror flick this wasn’t the worst I have seen but it is definitely near the bottom of the list.

I fuckin hate this movie, its so predictable.




Erik: .01 star
Kelly: 2 stars
Ricky: ½ stars for Shannon Elizabeth ass.
Jason: 1 ½ stars
Steve: 2 stars

Next week we are doing something a little different we will be watching Independance day in honor of the holiday.

Next Week’s Movie is: Independence Day


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Hey guys!!! Did you miss our live stream of Evolve tonight. No worries you can check it out here. And remember we stream every Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm PST

Construction Simulator 2015
Developed by: weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH
Published by: astragon Software GmbH
Platforms: PC

Review By Rick Burnett

Construction simulator 2015 is a nice simulator though there are a few issues. When you begin the game you start in a small village where you are prompted to learn some of the basic controls. Since this is a simulator it is understandable that the controls may be a bit stiff but one may need to adjust the settings in the option menu at least until you’re used to the controls. There are a lot of different commands that can be given to control the various machinery and it can be difficult to remember them all, luckily the game provides you with a tab that will bring up all of the commands for both keyboard and mouse and a controller for whatever machine you may be using. There is a great variety of machinery that will become available throughout the game as you level up as well as new location to discover on the map. One of the best features is the location tap that allows you to transport yourself and your machinery to different locations, this helps to speed things up a bit so that you don’t have to deal with trying to load an excavator on a trailer.

When performing a job it is sometimes difficult to find exactly where your cargo or etc. should go. On the upside you don’t have to be perfect at placing the cargo or excavating the ground. The game will log you progress and once you’ve done enough it will prompt you to skip the rest of the digging if you so choose. I was hoping for a little more in-depth tasks like finishing work on the building you’ve been working on though. The camera options are the worst part of the game. It makes performing a task like loading very difficult. There is a bit of a physics problem as well, if you’re not careful when driving around or operating the machinery you could end up stuck in the ground or get launched through the air, however if you play with some care you should be able to avoid most if not all of these problems.

Over all Construction-simulator 2015 was a decent game. it has a few problem but it also has a lot of variety with different machinery you can get and the types of jobs you can undertake. If you enjoy simulators you will like this game if you’re new to simulators you may want to try a different game first.


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Hey guys!!! It’s Steve with Death by Lag. This week in Alien: Isolation I attempt to trap the xenomorph in the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions labs, and I have trouble differentiating a good robot from a bad one.

Hey guys!!! This week Jason shows you how to build a Portcullis for the front of your castle.

You will need:
8 Redstone Torches
14 Redstone
40 Blocks for wiring(25 one color and 15 of another to denote different circuits.)
7 Redstone Repeaters
15 Iron Bars
28 Blocks for structure
4 Buttons
15 Gravel/Sand
10 Sticky Pistons
10 Regular Pistons

2 1/2 Stars – Delta Farce

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2 1/2 Stars – Delta Farce – Erik, Kelly, Ricky, And Steve talk about Delta Farce. Listener Discretion is advised.  Listen to it at Podomatic or on iTunes

There wont be any show notes this week folks so enjoy this weeks podcast and make sure you watch Jack Frost for next weeks podcast.

Did you miss our Twitch stream. No worries mate we got you. Check out the first and Second parts of the stream here as Erik, Kelly, Ricky and Steve play Depth and PlanetSide 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Published by: Bethesda Softworks
Developed by: MachineGames
Platforms: PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC

Reviewed by: Jason Spear

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel to The New Order.  The Old blood takes place in 1946 in a war against the Nazis who are on the brink of winning. This game has a lot of good points that keep you wanting more. There are humans in large Bionic suits, armored dogs, flying turrets, and snipers, just to name a few of the challenges you’ll have to overcome. There are also some sneaking missions where you must be silent but deadly to avoid raising alarms. The problem, is it’s a whole lot of the same content over and over, leaving you a little disappointed. When more finally does come the Nazis become zombies that rain from the sky like flaming meteors. On top of that, the game controls feel like a game from the late nineties, and a storyline that kind of feels like Wolfenstein 3D released in 1992.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a decent game that I found quite enjoyable there is limited weapon selection but the weapons that you do get compliment game play in a variety of ways. The Old blood is one of the first games I’ve played in years that uses health packs and armor to keep you alive,since the introduction of recharging lifebars and shields.. It is refreshing to play a game where getting shot actually matters. Through the game there are a variety of simple puzzles that you have to solve to achieve various goals. When it comes to fighting Nazis, you will find yourself in castles, tunnels, under water, and even in the air as you end up in a cable car dangling over a canyon. Anyone that is a fan of the Wolfenstein series should like this one it is everything you’d expect from Wolfenstein.


Mecho dog

Mechano Dog

Mecho man

Mechano Man

Nazi Zombie

Nazi Zombies

Raining Zombies

It’s raining men… er well it’s raining Nazi Zombies

Zombie Dog

Zombie Dog

Fire Zombie

Fire Zombie