Farming Simulator 15 Review

Posted: October 8, 2015 by TerKaDer in Game Reviews/Previews
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Title: Farming Simulator 15
Genre: Simulation
Developer:Giants Software
Publisher:Focus Home Interactive
Release Date:Oct 30, 2014

As someone who has played older versions of Farming Simulator I can safely say that Giants Software has once again created an amazing game. At first like many people I thought this game was a bit of a joke, but the next thing I know I’ve been playing for five straight hours. Farming Simulator has so many things to do that the work seems to never end. I highly recommend playing through all the tutorials and playing for a few hours in Bjornholm the starter world, before you try a different map.

Once you’ve got the hang of things that’s when the fun really starts. There is a lot more to do other than plant your crop and watch it grow, though the speed time feature does help you to make money quickly in the beginning. Buying chickens is a good first buy for the animals but you’ll want to buy sheep soon enough as well. Sheep will provide you with wool which you can sell later on and help you afford the proper equipment so that you can buy cows and collect milk.
With over 140 different vehicles to choose from by real manufacturers, you will have more than enough equipment to help you manage your farm. I’ve never seen most of these vehicles in person but after a quick google search I can say that Giants Software did an excellent job in the design. I was very excited to see that they added a new feature to the game logging. It’s rare to see a game with logging that’s actually fun to play and this one has done it. There’s a few different types of vehicles to buy to help you on your logging endeavors, however the cutter is a bit expensive, so I recommend starting with a chainsaw and hand falling the trees.

Farming simulator has consumed many hours of my life and will continue to do so. There’s always something more you can do in this game. You just have to harvest that last crop but then you might as well cultivate the field and sow your seeds again. this cycle will continue until you realize you’ve been playing for hours and didn’t know it.


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