Deconstructor Review

Posted: December 9, 2015 by TerKaDer in Game Reviews/Previews
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Developed By: Appscraft
platforms: Android and IOS

Reviewed By: Jason Spear

When I first started Deconstructor, it seemed like it had potential, however after just a few levels it seemed mediocre at best. The level set up made me think of Angry Birds; a game that I thoroughly enjoy, unfortunately as you progress it doesn’t challenge you in ways that are fun. The object of the game is to set explosives on the buildings and bring them down below a certain predetermined point to gain the maximum level of 3 stars. There are some levels with a line on the side of the screen and if you pass that line with any of the debris from the building it’s an automatic failure. Though it is challenging, it does not bring any fun or joy to the game. It’s just frustrating and tiresome to do the same level over and over trying to win.

Deconstructor also hits you with constant commercials and purchase opportunities. In the end I would have to say I do not recommend playing this game.



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