The Room Three Review

Posted: January 6, 2016 by TerKaDer in Game Reviews/Previews
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The Room Three
Developed by: Fireproof Games
Published by: Fireproof Studios
Platforms: iOS on the App Store, Android (January 2016)

Review by: Kelly Anderson

The Room Three picks up where the previous games left off, although you do not need to play the other two to jump right in and play this sequel. This time around the developers thought outside the box and designed the game to play from room to room in the mansion. There are many puzzles within each room with multiple rooms. Sometimes there are puzzles inside of another puzzle, so it was like inception but with puzzles instead of dreams. In The Room Three you receive a brand new eyepiece for more exploring, which I really enjoyed. This was where the puzzleception would occur. The eyepiece shrinks you down into itty bitty locations so you can work on a miniature puzzle.

This game has an awesome hint system with a great design if you get stuck.The hints are timed to release one minute at a time so you can use your own mighty brainpower to figure out the puzzles. Overall, the puzzles are challenging but are not too hard, they keep you interested. There are new challenges where at times you will have to use both hands, that can be a little difficult when playing on your phone. Double tapping, swiping, and zooming in and out has never been so fun and challenging. I love the realistic motions in this game, for example, when it comes to unscrewing screws, flipping switches and opening and closing drawers.

The Room Three is longer, has more to explore and has more elaborate puzzles than the other two room games. This game also has several different endings, which gives it a high replay factor. The Room Three has beautiful visuals, a spooky soundtrack with eerie whispering and critters that scurry through the darkness. This game is definitely worth the $4.99 and I’m cheap when it comes to iPhone games. I am in high hopes that there will be a Room Four because I have so much fun exploring and figuring out these puzzles!



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