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Hey guys!!! This week Erik, Kelly and Steve jump into Tom Clancy’s The Division. So join us as we take out rioters and secure us a doctor to find a cure for the Green Poison. Starring Steve as Barney Fife.


Join Erik and Kelly as they make Steve play this damn game again.  This week they yell at Reebok to go away and shout in terror as the Slenderman appears around every corner as they make another attempt at the getting out of the mines.


Hey guys!!! Watch some Plants vs Zombies craziness as Erik, Kelly and Steve try to fight off hordes of zombies to defend their Garden. Get out of here zombies you’ll ruin my rutabagas!

Hey guys!!! This week Erik and Steve play the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. So join them as they have no idea how anything works in this game so they do what they do best, Erik becomes a Ghostbuster and Steve loots the shinys. Also ghost Steve.


Hey guys!!! This week I show you how to unlock the Eagle Eye achievement and the 5 secrets in the level The Sea.

Hey guys!!! This week Erik, Kelly and Steve hang out at an abandoned aquarium, which apparently was a massive storage facility for evil robots and a proto-Rasputin (from Destiny).   So watch as they blow up cooling towers and swim for their lives.


Hey guys!!! This week we show you how to get the Gardner Achievement and the first 5 Secrets in Unravel.


Hey guys!!! This week Rick and Steve are back at it in Conker’s Bad Fur Day and boy does something smell around here. Oh it must be the burning hay and the dung beetle hut lets go check it out in part 2 of our Conker’s Bad Fur day play through.

Hey guys!!! This week Erik, Kelly and Steve are back in Call of Duty Black Ops 3.  So join them as they make their way to Cloud Mountain for some sweet Kart Racing.  Apparently the path to the mountain is packed with bad guys that wanna kill them though so its awesome that their robot buddies come to help them out.

Hey guys!!! This week Rick and Steve flash back to their childhood as they play through Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  So check us out as we kick some hornet ass, witness pitchfork suicide and learn something about sunflower anatomy.