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Highway Zombies 2
Developer: Auxbrain
Platforms iOS, Android

Reviewed by: Jason Spear

Highway zombies 2 is a driving survival game where you must drive a car through cities, tunnels, swamps and deserts. The game runs very smooth and as you drive through the various terrains you will notice that the graphics are fairly decent as well. Zombies will jump and cling to the sides of your car forcing you to bash into things to knock them off, or you can use a variety of weapons that can be earned by completing objectives, to shoot them off. Failing to remove them in a timely manner will result in your loss, so will crashing head on into obstacles or having the zombies flip your car over .

There are multiple types of zombies in the game all with different attributes. There are skinny ones that are virtually harmless, and red ones that regenerate health. The fat ones can pull your vehicle over more quickly, and the military zombies that are harder to kill. Swamp zombies are super strong, mutated zombies that are very hard to kill, and best of all are the banker zombies, killing them gives you extra cash and rare coins that can be used to purchase weapon upgrades and vehicle upgrades.

Unlike many IOS and Android games Highway Zombies 2 doesn’t bombard you with microtransactions. It is possible to spend money to get through the game faster, but you can earn everything in the game just by playing.

Highway zombies 2 is a simple to play but difficult to master game. As much as I have enjoyed playing Highway Zombies 2 there are parts of the game that feel monotonous, such as having to kill 5000 of a particular type of zombie to complete an objective. I recommend this game for the casual or advanced gamers. The advanced gamer could power through in about 6 hours. Even though I have beaten this game I still continue playing it weeks later for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, but for a casual gamer playing 10 or so minutes at a time you will get there eventually.

You can find this game free in the App Store on both iOS and Android, along with Highway Zombies, and Highway Zombies drivers ed.


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