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The Room Three
Developed by: Fireproof Games
Published by: Fireproof Studios
Platforms: iOS on the App Store, Android (January 2016)

Review by: Kelly Anderson

The Room Three picks up where the previous games left off, although you do not need to play the other two to jump right in and play this sequel. This time around the developers thought outside the box and designed the game to play from room to room in the mansion. There are many puzzles within each room with multiple rooms. Sometimes there are puzzles inside of another puzzle, so it was like inception but with puzzles instead of dreams. In The Room Three you receive a brand new eyepiece for more exploring, which I really enjoyed. This was where the puzzleception would occur. The eyepiece shrinks you down into itty bitty locations so you can work on a miniature puzzle.

This game has an awesome hint system with a great design if you get stuck.The hints are timed to release one minute at a time so you can use your own mighty brainpower to figure out the puzzles. Overall, the puzzles are challenging but are not too hard, they keep you interested. There are new challenges where at times you will have to use both hands, that can be a little difficult when playing on your phone. Double tapping, swiping, and zooming in and out has never been so fun and challenging. I love the realistic motions in this game, for example, when it comes to unscrewing screws, flipping switches and opening and closing drawers.

The Room Three is longer, has more to explore and has more elaborate puzzles than the other two room games. This game also has several different endings, which gives it a high replay factor. The Room Three has beautiful visuals, a spooky soundtrack with eerie whispering and critters that scurry through the darkness. This game is definitely worth the $4.99 and I’m cheap when it comes to iPhone games. I am in high hopes that there will be a Room Four because I have so much fun exploring and figuring out these puzzles!



Title: Prison Architect
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer:Introversion Software
Publisher:Introversion Software
Release Date: Oct 6, 2015

Reviewed by: Rick Burnett

Prison Architect is unlike any game I’ve played before. While playing through the beta I kept thinking that there’s no way they will add more but time and time again Introversion proved me wrong. The game started out with build a prison and keep your prisoners happy. At that early stage you could set the game up and walk away nothing bad would happen. Now however if you walk away you’ll come back to a complete riot and your prison in ruins.

It was a little difficult to figure out all the features since there were so many and because there was no in game tutorial. Now that the game has been released introversion has added a campaign with five different levels, each will walk you through the basics of the game, like how to build things and how to set up your prison and get it operational. This is a big plus for any new players.

If you’re looking for a bit of a casual playing experience you can turn failure condition off which when active will fire your warden if too many people die or you end up in serious debt. You can also enable unlimited funds so you can build to your hearts content. However if you’re looking for a real challenge you can enable failure condition and gangs which will cause prisoners to attack rival gang members and they will recruit other prisoners to their gang, so it’s best to identify them and separate them from the general population. If a prisoner is just too dangerous you can put him in permanent solitary confinement. Staff members will bring them food when they need it.

No large prison is complete without a death row. The developers were worried about this feature thinking that people may just turn their prisons into a slaughterhouse but they made very strict requirements that must be met to execute a prisoner. The prisoner will have the chance to get his sentence reduced to a life sentence instead. There’s nothing you can do about that. On this note rest assured that there is no overly graphic scenes. It’s all done quite nicely and in a proper fashion. If you’re looking for a good game to kill some time or looking for a challenge Prison Architect will not disappoint.


Deconstructor Review

Posted: December 9, 2015 by TerKaDer in Game Reviews/Previews
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Developed By: Appscraft
platforms: Android and IOS

Reviewed By: Jason Spear

When I first started Deconstructor, it seemed like it had potential, however after just a few levels it seemed mediocre at best. The level set up made me think of Angry Birds; a game that I thoroughly enjoy, unfortunately as you progress it doesn’t challenge you in ways that are fun. The object of the game is to set explosives on the buildings and bring them down below a certain predetermined point to gain the maximum level of 3 stars. There are some levels with a line on the side of the screen and if you pass that line with any of the debris from the building it’s an automatic failure. Though it is challenging, it does not bring any fun or joy to the game. It’s just frustrating and tiresome to do the same level over and over trying to win.

Deconstructor also hits you with constant commercials and purchase opportunities. In the end I would have to say I do not recommend playing this game.


Organ Trail Complete Edition
Developed by: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Published by: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Platforms: PS4, Vita, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

Review by: Kelly

Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival game, where you and four of your friends are travelling across The United States in an old station wagon in hopes of finding a place where there are no zombies in the post apocalyptic world. This game is a funny take of the original game, The Oregon Trail that came out in 1971 to teach children of the harsh realities of pioneer life. One of your goals in The Organ Trail is to try to prevent the death of anyone in your party from dysentery and starvation among many other reasons, but sometimes you can’t control your friends, like one of mine that wandered off right when we started driving. Nice one, Jason!

Players must manage their limited resources; ammo, food, medkits and fuel for their vehicle, so that they may travel to their destination and keep everyone in their party alive. You can scavenge for money, food and scrap to repair your station wagon but there will be some serious zombie ass kicking going on, which I am horrible at! I had some major trouble aiming my gun while trying to avoid them. I think this game might be better suited for mouse and keyboard over a controller. When you are stopped, you can also find a stranger and do some trading. Unfortunately there isn’t always someone to trade with.

There are two modes, endless mode and campaign mode.The campaign mode has four different difficulties. For this review, I played on easy and I still suck! Looks like I need more zombie training! On campaign mode you play the story and endless mode is where, you guessed it, is neverending play till you quit or die. Either way both modes are extremely fun to play. One of my favorite parts about the game are the hilarious text prompts, that made it fun to die!

I definitely recommend this game for anyone that ever played the game that Organ Trail is based on. The graphics were reminiscent to the original but had an arcade type feel, I also enjoyed the music, which changed as you progress through the game. This game certainly has many different endings and has a high replay value. Organ Trail: Complete Edition is well worth the $9.99 that I paid for. Oh, and one thing, don’t get bit!


Halo 5 Guardians
Developer: 343 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platforms: Xbox one

Reviewed by: Jason spear

I personally love the Halo franchise, and I believe Halo 5 to be much better than Halo 4 with new weapons and better combat scenarios. Like all Halo games Guardians has got an epic story that unfolds as you work your way through the campaign, with Master Chief searching for Cortana and Spartan Locke hunting Master Chief for going AWOL.
Halo 5 falls a little short with Spartan Locke as the main character, he is a mindless soldier that just follows what O.N.I. tells him to do without question. His character disappears in the shadow of Master Chief, making it hard to care whether he lives or dies throughout the story. The other three members of Locke’s team (Osiris) are more likable, especially Buck, played by Nathan Fillion, who brings some comedy and actual thought into the game. Buck follows orders though he does not necessarily agree with them still believing Master Chief to be the hero he always was. Chief is also reconnected with blue team, a group of Spartan II’s. He’s not the leader of blue team but they have so much respect for him and Cortana they follow him to find her regardless of the consequences.
Halo 5 brings you a lot of awesome action scenes at the beginning and end of each level it really shows how the Spartans shine in battle. In Halo 5 there are a few points where you cannot continue on without beating wave after wave of enemy before a passage will open, this is something that has been in every Halo game at some point or another and in this one however it feels like you are very constricted to a small area. Halo has never been an open world game, but this one much like Halo 4 feels more closed off than ever with a very specific path charted for you.
No matter how you look at it if you’re a fan of Halo you’ll be a fan of this one I believe it to be the best halo since Halo 1. The graphics, story line, controls, weapons, everything is bigger and better than it ever was before.
The standard multiplayer is everything you’ve come to expect from halo. The new War-zone mode is where the real fun begins, bringing a whole new dynamic to the game. Not only do you have fight enemy AI to obtain points, but you have to fight other humans and maintain control over bases to win. You also obtain packs of cards each time that you level up, which you can open to give yourself bonuses during the match.
Halo 5 is one of the best games I have played in a long time. which is no surprise coming from the halo franchise.



Life Is Strange: Episode 5, Polarized
Developed by: Dontnod Entertainment
Published by: SquareEnix
Platforms: XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4, PS3 and PC

Review by Kelly Anderson

Well it’s all over. Life Is Strange season one has come to an end. It all comes down to the blue butterfly that we came across in ep 1. Max has been through a lot; suicide attempts, relationships with sketchy people, drug dealers and trouble makers, searching for a missing girl, a terrifying storm, being reunited with her childhood bff and oh yeah her new found superpower of being able to rewind time.

Episode 5 has a bittersweet ending with the final two decisions that have no rewind power. One decision leaves you feeling empty and with instant regret, and the other although sad, was the right, mature thing to do. Whatever ending you choose, you can’t help but feel curious on how the other choice plays out. If you go into the menu, you can play the scene again. At first I felt cheated and thought, “did my decisions even matter”? This was not the happy ending that I was expecting and looking forward to. I hoped for everything to be perfect and fixed but you know this isn’t how life is. In life there is constant trouble and pain that combines with happiness and laughter. You can’t always make the right decision as there will always be conflict. You don’t always have control on your surroundings and the people around you.

For $20 this is an amazing game and worth every last dime! Although the game only has two endings, the replay value is high. This game gave us characters to care about and takes the gamer on an emotional roller coaster that you will want to ride again and again. If you have been waiting for episode 5 so you can start playing from the beginning, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your rewind powers and try not to sweat the small stuff.


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Until Dawn
Developed by: Supermassive Games
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: August 25, 2015

Review By: Kelly Anderson

I LOVE this game! I just finished it and already cannot wait to play it all over again and with hundreds of endings, I can play it several times and get different outcomes! Before I can play it again, I better slow myself down and tell everyone about why I love this game!

Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival horror adventure game that takes place in a fictional British Columbia snow lodge. The lodge is owned by the Washington family where eight friends come together for the one year anniversary of the tragic disappearance of their two friends, twins Hannah and Beth Washington.

Throughout the game you get to play as all eight characters. It’s your turn to prove that you are smarter than the stereotypical dumb horror movie victim. I have read that it is possible to keep all eight characters alive and it’s also possible to have all eight die. Right off the bat, you find out how important every decision that you make influences unknown consequences, known as the Butterfly Effect. With the awesome auto-save system it makes it so you can’t go back and redo your decisions unless you want to start the game over or just start one of the ten chapters over.There are plenty of decisions to make in this game, whether it is a moral decision to kill or save another character or a physical one like climbing your way out of a mine. Throughout the game, it tracks your relationship status with other players. You want as many good relationships with the other characters as you can because that relationship just may help you out when it comes to survival. I learned that sometimes deciding to not make an action tends to be your best answer, which helped me out a bunch!

There are quite a few quick time events that can be a tad stressful trying to make a decision to escape your attacker. One of the many choices is when you chose between hiding or running from the aggressor. If you do hide, be prepared to not move for a bit, although it seems like an eternity. I was finding myself holding my breath almost as if I really were the character who was hiding from the bad guy. When you do stay still you don’t want to touch a single control, if you happen to be resting your controller on your chest or tummy and take a too deep of breath, you may have just put the character in jeopardy. I barely moved and then my attempt to escape was messed up due to the gyroscope being so sensitive.

There is lots to explore in this game, whether it is inside the huge lodge, the dark woods, mines and caves or other surrounding buildings. When you are not running away from the attacker, be on the lookout for these glowing balls of light that let you know there is an object you can interact with. This hunt for the glowing balls was quite fun for me. I wish I would’ve paid more attention to these balls in the beginning. These objects will unlock clues and warnings for you to progress in the game. You will also come across these totem pieces that reveal possible outcomes in the future for the characters, which I thought was a unique feature in the game. I really liked how throughout the game there was a variety of weapons and how well they come in handy later on.

The graphics in Until Dawn are absolutely phenomenal! The snow falling down was beautiful and realistic as well as how the dust particles looked when there was a light shining on them. The cinematic movements and human faces were so real, it felt as though I was there in the lodge with them experiencing the same fear they felt. I enjoyed the writing and some rare humor. All eight personalities were different like in a horror movie.

This is a great game with true scary moments and a huge replay value, definitely worth every penny! Well I am going to go get my scare on and see how many characters I can save this time around!


Title: Farming Simulator 15
Genre: Simulation
Developer:Giants Software
Publisher:Focus Home Interactive
Release Date:Oct 30, 2014

As someone who has played older versions of Farming Simulator I can safely say that Giants Software has once again created an amazing game. At first like many people I thought this game was a bit of a joke, but the next thing I know I’ve been playing for five straight hours. Farming Simulator has so many things to do that the work seems to never end. I highly recommend playing through all the tutorials and playing for a few hours in Bjornholm the starter world, before you try a different map.

Once you’ve got the hang of things that’s when the fun really starts. There is a lot more to do other than plant your crop and watch it grow, though the speed time feature does help you to make money quickly in the beginning. Buying chickens is a good first buy for the animals but you’ll want to buy sheep soon enough as well. Sheep will provide you with wool which you can sell later on and help you afford the proper equipment so that you can buy cows and collect milk.
With over 140 different vehicles to choose from by real manufacturers, you will have more than enough equipment to help you manage your farm. I’ve never seen most of these vehicles in person but after a quick google search I can say that Giants Software did an excellent job in the design. I was very excited to see that they added a new feature to the game logging. It’s rare to see a game with logging that’s actually fun to play and this one has done it. There’s a few different types of vehicles to buy to help you on your logging endeavors, however the cutter is a bit expensive, so I recommend starting with a chainsaw and hand falling the trees.

Farming simulator has consumed many hours of my life and will continue to do so. There’s always something more you can do in this game. You just have to harvest that last crop but then you might as well cultivate the field and sow your seeds again. this cycle will continue until you realize you’ve been playing for hours and didn’t know it.


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Star Wars uprising
Developer: Kabam
Platforms: iOS and Android

Reviewed by: Jason spear

Star Wars uprising takes place after Episode VI and before Episode VII. After the death of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader the Empire lock down the sector making it hard for the residents of that area to get supplies that they are in desperate need of. You play the part of a smuggler working with a small group of rebels against the Empire. In the beginning the Empire is hunting you for smuggling contraband,you kill one of the imperial guards and flee the city, and this is where you start taking on various missions around the sector and working with the rebels..

As you progress you acquire better armor and weapons that are upgradeable with experience and items found during missions. You will also get new crew members that can be sent off on various jobs of their own returning after a time with more supplies for you to upgrad you and your crew.
The missions on this game are very short and kind of monotonous they all feel the same after a short time. The controls however are set up very nicely and intuitive they are easy to use for beginner or advanced gamers. The game provides little challenge even set to hard.

There is nothing that draws me into this game. The gameplay and the story don’t feel very well put together. Uprising does have some good features though such as very little mobile data usage, I have played for hours and used less than 1% of 1 gig. Also it doesn’t ask you if you would like to make a purchase even though it’s possible to buy in game items with real money.


Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-11-36 Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-12-18 Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-13-37 Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-14-29 Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-15-32Screenshot_2015-09-29-13-16-20Screenshot_2015-09-29-09-16-58

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
Developed by: The Chinese Room, SCE Santa Monica Studios
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Review By: Kelly Anderson

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is a first person adventure game that takes place in the 1980’s in a fictional British village called, Yaughton Valley. In this 5 hour game, you explore and discover what happened to the village. There are abandoned cars in the streets, sinks full of dishes in the houses and bloody tissues scattered throughout the town, but yet, not quite a sense of panic. You never run into a single person just like the title says; everyone’s gone, the village is completely deserted.

It seems like the majority of what I was doing was seeing what house I could snoop through, but for the most part I couldn’t open the doors and there was nothing for me to pick up. I wanted to learn as much as I could, so clearly I tried to open every door I saw, but only about a third of them would open so that I could explore the building. To learn about the rapture you interact with telephones, radios and televisions that you find within the village.

The only controls you use are the two joysticks for movement and the occasional X button to pick up something. You rarely get to interact with objects and I would have liked more interaction. This was the first time I used the tilt functionality with the PS4 controller, and it got really annoying to me because didn’t always work right away. I came across little balls of light that would either show me the next place to explore or would take shape of people and fill me in on their conversations in a flashback. When I held the controller a certain way for a certain length of time while hearing a radio static, I could listen in. It took me more than half the game to figure out that the tilt was not always the same.

The pace of the game is extremely slow and unfortunately that is the only movement speed, no running here. I mean, I kind of get why, maybe the developers wanted the player to take in the beauty of the game, and take in all the details of the surroundings, and if for some reason you need to return to a location, it is an irritating task! I got so bored of not doing anything other than eavesdropping on balls of light talking to each other and slowly walking through houses and the rest of the village.

This game’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking. You can realistically move through the sheets hanging out to dry as they drape over you. The way you walk through the meadows and the leaves blowing in the wind, I felt like I was really there. Can i please live there? You know other than the blood soaked tissues and the unsettling silence of course. The game also had subtle beautiful music playing in the background.

I didn’t necessarily get all the answers that I was looking for ,butI believe Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is open to interpretation. I think it’s more about people and the mistakes that they make, how they cope through loss and tragedy and how they repair their relationships and connections, rather than the apocalypse coming to this British village. The game overall reminded me of a soap opera but with a gloomy end.

There is no goal in this game, no enemies, no collectibles, nothing much to do but to listen to the characters talk to each other. This game is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can get past the slow walking speed then maybe this is the game for you, although, I don’t consider this much of a game. I am looking forward to playing Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture again to see if I can learn anything new since I know that I missed a couple radios and some conversations because I was too slow to follow that ball of light. I believe that this is a game that you do not want to rush.


Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912113946

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912113946

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912114218

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912114218

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912120510

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912120510

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912121542

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912121542

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912151751

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912151751

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912152902

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912152902

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150912160214

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture™_20150912160214