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Join Erik and Kelly as they make Steve play this damn game again.  This week they yell at Reebok to go away and shout in terror as the Slenderman appears around every corner as they make another attempt at the getting out of the mines.


Slender: The Arrival
Developed by: Blue Isle Studios
Published by: Midnight City, Majesco Entertainment
Platforms: PS3. PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX  ONE, Wii and PC

Review by: Kelly Anderson

I did it! I made it all the way through! With a month absence from playing the game due to sheer fright, I decided it was time to kick the Slenderman’s ass! The Slenderman started off as a meme created by Eric Knudsen (a.k.a. “Victor Surge”) in 2009.  From there, Slender: The Eight Pages was released in June 2012  which was a beta for Microsoft Windows and OSX. Slender: The Arrival is a first person survival horror game. The length of the game depends on how much time you spend exploring and collecting clues but on average it takes around 2 hours to finish. I got so lost playing this game, every new location that I arrived at, I found another way to get lost. I guess my husband is right, I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag!

You start out as a girl named Lauren who starts off toward her friend Kate’s house. Apparently Lauren is so dumb she can’t drive down the driveway. All Lauren has on her is a handheld video camera, and no way to defend herself, no mace, no knife, nothing!! Smooth move, ex-lax! Upon entrance of the house something doesn’t seem right. The front door is wide open, there are frightening drawings on the wall, no electricity on and the house seems eerily quiet, thankfully you find a flashlight to light your way. You stumble upon a clue that leads you to search in the woods behind the house. So now you begin your search for clues on the whereabouts of your missing friend. You wander around a few different places with just your shitty flashlight and camera. You are vulnerable, you are alone and you are lost.

In the woods is where you first see the tall, faceless man wearing a suit and red tie, better known as The Slenderman, he definitely is one sharp dressed man. I can’t quite figure out if he has a crush on me and likes to stalk me or he is a process server trying to serve me my papers.  The game is full of jump scares as The Slenderman is known for his teleportation.  Every time you get too close to The Slenderman, he distorts the sound and the screen of your video camera warps the closer you are. The graphics are just good enough to give a sense of realism and not real enough to give you a Matrix style heart attack, which I was probably on the edge of having while playing this game. The scares came mostly from the creepy noises throughout this game including the echoes of footsteps, evil and dark whispers and a nails on a chalkboard type of screech. The sounds and music intensify as you continue playing. The Slenderman definitely provided several jump scares for me! My one year old Border Collie tried to shelter me from danger every time I screamed either that or she was scared and was trying to comfort herself. Poor little baby….well babies, I was pretty pitiful playing this game! Thank goodness that there wasn’t a camera on me!

So when it comes to recommending this game, I say, definitely play it! If you can’t get past a certain part because it is just too frightening for you, please try and finish the game! It does have some repetition which gets a little tiring but if you push through that, the scares are worth it.


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Hey guys!!! This week Steve plays Slender: The Arrival while Erik and Kelly watch. A few things you have to remember when traveling in the woods: 1 bring a damn flash light, or steal one from an abandoned house with creepy drawings on the wall, 2 always follow that bloodcurdling scream and 3 record everything but when your electronics start going crazy make sure you turn around and walk calmly away.