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Hey guys!!! This week the gangs all here so witness our awesomeness as we fly through the skies above Hoth and knock down some ATAT Walkers on Tatooine as we play Star Wars Battlefront.


Hey guys!!! This week we play Star Wars: Battlefront, Walker Assault mode.  Watch as we fight the rebel scum for the glory of the Empire.


Hey guys!!! This week we have something special for you.  That’s right it’s an extra podcast. So join Erik, Kelly, Jason and Steve as we discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Keep in mind we will be talking about spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie yet go watch it before you listen to this.  Enjoy
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Hey guys!!! This week Erik and Steve try to achieve the impossible as they attempt to unlock the On the Ball Achievement in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars uprising
Developer: Kabam
Platforms: iOS and Android

Reviewed by: Jason spear

Star Wars uprising takes place after Episode VI and before Episode VII. After the death of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader the Empire lock down the sector making it hard for the residents of that area to get supplies that they are in desperate need of. You play the part of a smuggler working with a small group of rebels against the Empire. In the beginning the Empire is hunting you for smuggling contraband,you kill one of the imperial guards and flee the city, and this is where you start taking on various missions around the sector and working with the rebels..

As you progress you acquire better armor and weapons that are upgradeable with experience and items found during missions. You will also get new crew members that can be sent off on various jobs of their own returning after a time with more supplies for you to upgrad you and your crew.
The missions on this game are very short and kind of monotonous they all feel the same after a short time. The controls however are set up very nicely and intuitive they are easy to use for beginner or advanced gamers. The game provides little challenge even set to hard.

There is nothing that draws me into this game. The gameplay and the story don’t feel very well put together. Uprising does have some good features though such as very little mobile data usage, I have played for hours and used less than 1% of 1 gig. Also it doesn’t ask you if you would like to make a purchase even though it’s possible to buy in game items with real money.


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